Que basic white girl photo-shoot in layers sipping coffee at the coffee shop…

I feel like this is the season I hate the most.

We’re over having snow, smog and the cold temperatures.

Everything looks dead and depressing.

You still have to scrape your car some mornings, you’re praying for a day over 50 degrees…

I am just really excited to start my garden, go to our pool, wear sun dresses and not have to wait for my car to warm up.


But with winter goes furs, layers, fabulous coats and stifling hot chai lattes.

We switch to iced chai lattes come spring.

I will say our mountains and having these icy cool sunsets makes for a great background.

I swear every time I look at the mountains it looks like they’re fake, like its paramount pictures mountains right in front of me.



Ta-da. It’s beautiful living here.

For this look I had basic black jeans, a 3/4 length black blouse and threw on a black Calvin Klein  faux fur vest on the top.

Black strappy pointed toe heels, silver tennis bracelets and a long knotted silver chain.

Giving the 1920’s necklace style a fresh twist with silver chain fringe.

One of the best tips I learned working for a jewelry company is that if you put on a long necklace it makes you appear 5 lbs lighter.

Not even joking try it yourself next time you’re getting dressed.

Given (I’ll speak for myself) my summer beach body is nowhere in sight…

I’m all about flattering tips in this post.

I have lost 15 lbs kickboxing fyi, but nobody’s bragging… It’s a blast!

Back to the look.

The patent leather handbag with the silver crest is vintage and from Carmen Miranda’s Antiques.

Located on 2017 East 3300 South, SLC, UT 8109

She has the best accessories for great prices.

She’s my go to for earrings, rings, necklaces, purses and even vintage designer.

Last time I was there she had a beautiful collection of vintage Chanel accessories.

She has an instagram where she posts pictures of current accessories that are in her shop daily.

It’s so fun to follow her and if you like something you can call or dm her to reserve it.

Follow her.

My new everyday question is “dry shampoo or a hat?” because let me remind you I’m a mom.

This black floppy hat is currently a stapel in my wardrobe.

It’s right on trend and can go with a lot of different types of looks.

I had never owned a blanket coat until this season and I don’t know how I managed without it.

Soooooo comfortable and cozy.

I love sitting and wearing it because you can literally wrap yourself in it and feel right at home.

Even on a freezing cold, metal patio chair.

You can wear coats like this with anything and it helps to give it a more formal look.

The charcoal faux fur collar hangs so long and gives the eye a vertical illusion.

Which makes you appear slimmer and taller.

So you’re basically winning in both comfort and flattery.

The silver accessories tied in really will with the gray fur from the coat.

When choosing accessories for your look be sure to match them with your coat if you know you’ll be wearing it!

It helps give a cohesive flow to the layering.

I love layering.

Especially with black because it appears less bulky on your frame rather than layering with other shades.

Layering I will miss you but get ready for the next post to be all about spring fashion!

Last winter fashion post of the year!








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Location: Sunset coffee

Photography: Taylor Ann Photography

Styled by myself.