If you keep up with my blog you know that I’ve decided to start designing bridal gowns.

It’s an industry near and dear to my heart.

I first was introduced to it working at Frenze bridal for years.

There I was styling brides every day, surrounded by all different designs and dresses.

I learned what style looks best on what shape.

What color goes best with which skin tone.

How to balance accessories with each gown and countless other skills.

I would study bridal magazines looking for the hottest new trends.

Not just to keep my clients happy but it’s what made me happy.

It’s what I loved to do.

I was styling real life Barbie dolls everyday from all different walks of life with all different styles and shapes.

It’s an amazing feeling being there and being with a woman who starts to cry because she found the dress that she wants to wear on one of the most important days of her life.

It’s magical. The mom is crying, the sisters are crying, half the time I was crying.

I wanted that feeling back in my life.

The feeling of helping others look beautiful and feel their best.

So I called my best friend/cousin who recently got engaged congratulating her and then followed up with the question:

“Will you let me design your wedding dress?”

She said yes absolutely and I was ecstatic.

I told her to go to the bridal salon and try on all different styles.

Find the one that you feel the most comfortable in and the one that best fits your shape.

Gather ideas from different dresses you see there, in a magazine, on pinterest whatever and then let’s have a meeting.

So we sat down and went to work. This is what we wanted:

– A trumpet style gown

– A crystal and pearl belt

– A satin ribbon that billowed down the back

– An ivory corset back (she was planning on losing weight and this way it fits perfectly to your size)

Р She liked the ivory shade better than the others

– Old fashioned scalloped lace

– a sheer 3/4 length sleeve

– a subtle v neckline

– a small train

– a finger length veil with scalloped lace

I combined all of the ideas that we had together to make the dress of her dreams.

She was so excited, I took A LOT of measurements and the work began!

We had a few fittings in between to make sure the dress was headed in the right direction.

Then finally it was done.

The veil was done.

She tried it on and could not stop smiling.

Her mom could not stop smiling.

She was doing a happy dance all around my house.

As a designer that is one of the best feelings in the world.

It was a one of a kind dress for a one of a kind bride.

How many people can say that they helped design and have a custom dress made for them?

The dress gave such a classic old elegance feel but with a modern twist.

The scalloped edges on the bottom matched the neckline and the bottom of the sleeves.

The bodice of the dress was all lace and it slowly cascaded down to the bottom of the dress with less and less lace showing the beautiful ivory soft tulle and satin underlay.

The sheer sleeves are so on trend and I implemented a more vintage twist with hand sewing more of the lace in certain areas.

It was sexy and hugged her body in all the right ways while showing a sweet yet classy feel with the satin and the lace.

We were able to do the dress, the belt and the veil for all under $1,000 dollars.

So incredible especially knowing how much they are in bridal stores first hand.

Plus this one was made for her and she helped create the dress of her dreams.

Here are her beautiful bridals taken by Maddie Thomas Photography.


























If you or someone you know is getting married and has specific ideas in mind or wants a one of a kind bridal gown send them my way.

They can contact me at MissMagelicutti@gmail.com for pricing and more information.

I work with every budget and with all sorts of ideas.

I typically don’t do alterations on bridal gowns not from me but I can send you to some amazing friends of mine that specialize in that field.

I’m trying to stick to more of the design process and create one on one with the bride.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Bingham!

I love you both so much and thank you for giving me the opportunity to do what I love.