I love what I do.

I had the opportunity of designing and creating a wedding dress for another amazing bride.

She was originally going to get one of the designs that I had showcased in my Spring 2016 collection but then had a change of heart.

The first dress was very bohemian and more casual.

(Shown below)



It was also ivory instead of the white that she wanted.

She liked the look of her body in the mermaid style better anyway and then decided she wanted a more lace throughout the dress.

It was completely custom.

She and I sat down and began first with going over all of her favorite ideas, all of the silhouettes that she loved her body in and which colors looked the best with her skin tone.

Then we moved on to veils.

She wanted a longer, just short of cathedral length, veil attached to a flower crown to give a more bohemian feel to the lace dress.

We figured out what mood she wanted to portray through her style.

I always want to be sure to be on the same page as my brides so I can clearly see their vision and perception of what they want it to be like.

Then I simply add to it or offer creative insight to make it more comfortable and we keep building on ideas until we have what she wants.

Pretty, simple, flirty and playful are the words that really defined the dress and the veil for me.

She wanted sleeves but for them not to look choppy and blunt.

So to do that I covered all of the seams with white lace and then had the scalloped lace hanging off the edges.

We did white buttons down the back of the dress and soft tulle bottom with touches of lace.

It turned out stunning and I am so happy with the result.

These are her beautiful bridals and wedding photos taken by Anchored Image Photography.

I love the bouquet that she went with, it tied in perfectly with the flower crown and gave such a fresh spring feel.





















I also included some pictures from their wedding day decor because I loved it and thought it was so creative.

Lacey is the cutest girl and I was so honored to work with her and make her wedding dress all that she wanted it to be.

It’s so special creating something that they get to wear on one of the best days of their lives.

I wish you two the best and many years of happiness.


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