Congratulations to Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel for yet again another brilliant couture show.

I love Chanel so this post is dedicated to you.

If you want a great movie to watch check out Coco and Igor Stravinsky.

It’s beautiful.

Ok now to show two of the hottest trends on and off the runway!

I myself love to stay on trend but as so many of us I have a lot more important things to spend money on.

I would love to wear actual in season Chanel but seeing how unrealistic it is in my life right now…

I don’t think spending $900 on a white-collar sweater is going to work.

So like many of us I’m trying to get the look for less.

If you follow my blog you know how I touch on discount/sale items quite a bit.

This post has some awesome sale items so keep reading.

I was grabbing some household refills at Wal-Mart the other day and decided to look in the women’s section.

What the heck, why not.

I found a darling black knit sweater that had a white stiff collar and long white shirt tales at the bottom.

It was like Elle Woods law school collection at Wal-Mart for $10.00…

immediately grabbed my size and threw it in the cart.

The “J Crew look” that I’m so grateful they brought back.

A modest, classy option that gives a Hampton’s vibe.

A staple combination that every wardrobe should have.

It’s a piece you can dress up with a pencil skirt and some sexy heels or

you can dress it down with leggings and some loafers.

Either way this look is an easy ready to wear outfit for nearly every occasion.

I checked online to see if they had it and they unfortunately sold out of the black and white version.

However, they do still have a white-collar with a leopard sweater and the other option a white-collar with a white and camel stripe.

Both are darling, so extremely comfortable… and they’re $11.00.

Click on the image below to get directed to their online store.


I was so surprised that I found such a cute sweater at Wal-Mart that I looked in their accessory section.

I found the cutest purse backpack purse.

I had been looking for one for quite some time trying to find a chic simple one.

They had all been a little pricey.

This one was only $19.00!

Threw it in the cart without hesitation.

I am dying that the miniature purse backpack is back in style again.

My inner 90’s little girl is squealing.



Plus this style lets you have both arms.

Which with kids it’s is a huge thing.

No annoying dangling bag from your arm while juggling kids and groceries.

I just throw some diapers, wipes, and a sippy cup in with my things and we’re good to go!

If you click on the image of the backpack purse below it will take you directly to the site to check it out.

They sold out of the one that I got but this was the other style that I was deciding between.

I wanted one that wouldn’t overpower my look.

Just something that would nicely add to it.

Clean, simple, chic and stylish.


Here are some of my favorite looks that feature these two trends.

Look at your closet, piece things together and see if you already have the look.







So the sweater and the bag I bought at Wal-Mart.

Still blows my mind I found something this cute there.

I threw on some black jeans and my patent leather loafers.

A lot of times you’ll see this type of shirt sweater combination accessorized with a large statement piece necklace.

I decided I wanted something more muted and not so glitzy so I got a thin black cotton sash and tied it around my neck in a bow.

Karl Lagerfeld is known for always wearing something similar to this effect.

I got the hat from Forever 21.

I love that women wearing hats is more common now.

Back in the early 1900’s you always wore hats when you were going out.

Since we had the loafers and the shirt collar sweater look going on the menswear inspired trench was necessary.

The other day I was thrifting and found that beautiful long black trench coat with gold buttons for $8.00!

Total score.

Not only does it elongate me but because it’s black it also makes me appear slimmer.

The best of both worlds.

Here’s to looking like Lagerfeld and never going out of style.








Photography done by the beautiful Taylor Ann Photography.

This sunset was breathtaking.