Let’s be honest.

We as women aren’t the best “light packers”.

 There are a handful of women I know that excel at this but other than that  I believe that 3/4 of us pack way more than we need.

Typically when it’s a 3-4 day getaway you have to pack lightly.

Whether it be camping “there’s only so much room in the car”…

A company/business trip. Who wants to pay fees for additional luggage (not your boss!) when you can bring a travel size to put in the overhead compartment.

 Or a weekend getaway. It’s three to four days so sack up and learn to pack. Plus I would rather pack light so I don’t have to hear my husband complaining about over packing…

So I’m here to help you learn what to pack and what can stay.

I’m no angel when it comes to packing.

I used to be awful and if you knew me personally and or growing up I’m sure you remember…

I’ve since changed my ways, learned great ideas and I’m here to share my favorite tips.

So lets begin with the bag.

Everyone needs two small travel bags.

A small rolling travel bag and a duffle bag.

Both of my bags can be easily washed and wiped down.

I have a silky smooth feel on one and then a leather duffle for the other.

I’d try to stay away from fabric covered bags. They tend to stain quite a bit more.

I would also stay away from hard plastic suitcases they can crack and if you’ve seen how people at the airport handle your luggage just know that it’s very possible.

It’s an investment and if you choose wisely you’ll be using it for years to come on your many adventures.

There are a lot of different occasions  (ex. the three given above) where you can show your personality through your luggage.

It’s an accessory! Stand out! Get something that screams YOU!

Like I said before, easy to clean, shows a pop of personality and better yet I find my luggage on the airport carousel faster than anyone.

No need for a red ribbon on the handle here!

This is my small rolling travel bag!

I actually bought the whole 3 piece set and I love them.


My luggage is a little more wild and crazy so I decided to go with a classy high fashion bag that I just loved.

Something a little more calm and casual.

I typically wear more solids than prints so I try to make my bags my accent.


Hugh Jackman and I have the same bag it’s fine…

It’s perfect for packing in tight spaces because it doesn’t have a solid frame like the rolling bag.

It’s a piece from Louis Vuitton’s menswear line from a couple of years ago.

The black and charcoal gray checkered pattern is sharp and classic.

The gold zipper and the gold LV plate in the front add the perfect amount of glam.

Then if that’s not enough the lining of the bag is a bright bold red.

I love love love it and I named him Louis and we go everywhere together.

So get some luggage that isn’t a hand me down, was something you used to put your cheer uniforms in when you were in high school or something you got for free from a company giving out free bags as advertising.

Make it an investment that shows what your style is.

You need a grown up girl bag that compliments you when you go on a quick trip.

Next thing to do is to figure out what you’ll need to pack in your beautiful bag that compliments you in every way possible.

One of the biggest things that takes up the most space in your bag is your shoes.

You need a pair that will work day to-night, like the nautical striped heels I’m wearing.

Then your second should be a pair that can double as slippers to wear to breakfast or the pool aka flip-flops or a cute sandal.

Wear one pair for the trip and then you’ll just pack one for the road!

When it comes to clothes you want things that you can mix and match to wear again and pair with other items.

This is my go to packing list that I use on weekend getaway’s:

– a pair of skinny jeans 

– a basic top in either white or black (both depending on the trip) 

– a comfortable cotton dress (doubles as a cover up)

– a swimming suit

– basic undergarments

– some sort of hat (you can use it at the pool or for going out)

– sunglasses

– a t-shirt dress that you can wear to bed (doubles if needed as a day-wear look)

– denim jacket

Then for jewelry I keep it simple and classy.

First pick whether you’d like to go with gold or silver.

I typically like to do one metal or the other unless I have a necklace or a bracelet that had a mix of the two.

That’s rare.

To determine that I first take a look at the clothes I’m packing to see if there are any metal buttons or a zipper that I’d like to match.

If I’m going on a flight I will usually take it off before I get to security, put it inside my change compartment in my wallet and then just put it on after I’m done with security.

This is my go to jewelry packing list:

– a pair of decorative crystal studs

– my fake wedding ring

– a pair of hoops (silver or gold)

– a solid crystal tennis bracelet

– simple metal bracelets (silver or gold)

– a simple princess length necklace (silver or gold)

Some of you are probably thinking “what the hell is a princess length necklace?”

Princess necklace:

A princess necklace is 45 centimetres (18 in) to 50 centimetres (20 in) long, just a little longer than a choker.

Many of you are also thinking why in the hell is she wearing a fake wedding ring?

I have had a lot of friends and family members not come back from their vacation with their wedding rings.

One of my friends was mugged, another had their safe in their hotel room broken into, my uncle lost his on vacation and my aunt lost hers in the ocean.

I just don’t risk it.

I went to Wal-Mart and found one.

It’s also fun for a change!

Loved loved loved this look.

The white t with the white denim jacket is great and then the blue jeans for contrast.

The white t is from Old Navy and the denim jacket I got from Target.

The blue jeans are from Luxe.

The navy and white nautical stripe on the shoes tie it all in.

Those are from Forever 21.

The thick heel makes it very comfortable and easy to wear for longer periods of time.

Having the pop in the outfit be the shoes.

I do a lot of that in my looks.

What can I say, women love shoes.







The photography was done by Taylor Kiser.

We were juggling two toddlers while shooting so it was a fun day!

I just love her. Thank you Taylor.

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I’d love to style your pictures to look make everyone look classic, stylish and cohesive.

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